Utah’s Best Staffing Agency

With a 96% client retention rate, Logistics Giving Resources is Utah's best staffing agency.

Saving our clients time and money while increasing all areas of efficiency are key elements of business that make LG Resources one of Utah’s fastest growing logistical staffing agencies serving manufacturers and distributors alike.

Our focus on comprehensive screening processes when filtering potential employees means higher quality candidates are provided for temporary placement that are well-equipped, skilled and ready to achieve daily quotas and other job requirements. By utilizing a proprietary rating scale, we also increase efficiency by providing qualified candidates per job specifications based on required skills, experience and knowledge, resulting in higher efficiency at the job site and greater client satisfaction.

As a result of the strong emphasis we place on providing high caliber temporary staffing candidates, several of our valued clients have seen an increase in production. One client reported an increase of 40% in production the first week using staff from LG Resources and an 22% overall production increase in fulfillment, order selecting and kitting/assembly. These are the results we aim for.

LG Resources offers everything you need to efficiently and effectively increase production, fulfillment, order selecting and more. With an in-depth knowledge of all things logistical, our screening, proprietary rating system, staff selection, training and skilled management can meet all of your temporary staffing needs.

“LG is a quality partner with our company and provides insights and ideas that have helped us grow over 300% over the last couple of years.” – Current Client

“LG Resources screening and training process has significantly reduced the turnover and consistently provides the highest quality of candidates.” – Current Client

“During LG’s time here they have been able to greatly reduce labor costs by reducing turnover and providing significantly more qualified candidates.  Their customer service, productivity, emergency response and sight representation are constantly exceeding expectations. I would recommend them as a value added to any company.” – Current Client

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