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What Are the Advantages of Temp Jobs?

When looking for a new job, long term stability can be a top priority for many job seekers, causing them to pass over temp job opportunities. However, temp jobs offer a lot of benefits that can make them as good or better than a permanent position. In addition to bringing in a paycheck, they can put you in a better position to pursue your career goals and address resume issue with a lower barrier to entry than long term employment. 

Here are some reasons to seriously consider working with a local temp agency. 

  1. Temp jobs build your resume.

Temping is a great way to gain experience and learn new skills.

Entry-level workers are especially likely to benefit from temp positions since it can be easier to get a foot in the door through a temp agency. Since employers who seek out temp agencies often need to hire fast, they may be more willing to take on candidates with less experience.

The experience and skills gained from temp work can be beneficial to people at any stage in their careers, not just entry-level workers. This is especially true for people with potential red flags on their resume, such as employment gaps, lay-offs, etc. 

  1. Temp jobs are often the foot in the door to a permanent position.

Most employers prefer to hire candidates they are familiar with, especially for a permanent position. Hiring a familiar candidate such as a temp worker is a lot easier and safer for employers than hiring an unknown.

Employers are increasingly looking to temp positions as a way to test out potential long-term hires. As a job seeker, you would be wise to position yourself as a hardworking temp at a company you like so you will be the first choice when a permanent position opens up. 

Even if temping doesn’t lead to a long-term opportunity at the company you are working for, the experience will make you a more appealing candidate for other permanent positions.

  1. Temping may offer more flexibility.

Temping with a staffing agency is usually more flexible than working a permanent job. Once your contract ends, you can take some time off to continue your education or spend time with your family before moving on to your next assignment.

  1. Temp jobs may allow for better work/life balance.

Many contract and temporary workers find that they have a better work/life balance than their full-time counterparts, especially if the position is usually salaried rather than hourly. While some salaried workers may be required to put in a lot of overtime, temp workers generally do not face the same expectations.

Temp positions are typically paid by the hour. Even if your boss asks you to work late, you will at least be rewarded with better pay.

  1. You can cover gaps in your resume.

Many employers are wary of hiring workers who have experienced long periods of unemployment. If you fear or are already experiencing the stigma of a long resume gap, you may be looking for a fix that employers will accept.

Temporary positions are an excellent way to fill resume gaps. If nothing else, you get another job to list on your resume and evidence that you’re keeping your skills up to date — two things your ideal employer will definitely appreciate.

  1. You will keep your skills sharp.

Working with a temp agency allows you to continue using your skills even if you’re between permanent positions. The work will keep you connected to your industry, develop skills, and even make connections.

With continued industry experience, you’ll be in a better position to impress hiring managers and take on your dream job later on. 

  1. Temping can help you change your career path.

Temp work is a great way to try out a different industry or specialization. In addition to gaining experience, you may be able to learn new skills and software that will help you take your career in a new direction. 

Not sure you want to take the dive into a new field? Try a temp job for a few months and see if you like it. 

  1. You will meet new coworkers and make contacts.

Temping introduces you to a new group of contacts and employers. If you are looking to network with people who can help with your career or just enjoy meeting new people, you may find temp work to be very satisfying.

Some people choose to make their careers out of temporary or contract work. The constantly-changing nature of temp work suits many people who prefer variety in their work life.

  1. You will gain exposure to different management styles and work environments.

Temping allows you to experience working at different companies. That means you will get to experience working in different company cultures, with different managers, and in different environments.

Most people don’t really know whether they prefer a relaxed or fast-paced work environment or how much they enjoy working with the public until they try it. With temping, you get to find out for yourself sooner than most.

  1. You can get hired faster for temp work.

Need a job fast? With a temp agency, it may be easier to find work quickly.

Companies who have urgent hiring needs often go to their local temp agencies rather than trying to find candidates on their own. That’s because temp agencies have a pool of prescreened candidates they can send for interviews the next day.

Working with a temp agency is faster for everyone involved. The company gets access to prescreened candidates who can start immediately, and the candidates get matched with jobs that start tomorrow.

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