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LG Resources is the only staffing agency in Salt Lake City Utah that has a comprehensive screening process when filtering potential employees. This means we put extra attention and care into providing higher quality candidates that are well-equipped, skilled and ready to achieve daily quotas and other job requirements. By utilizing a proprietary rating scale, we also increase efficiency by providing qualified candidates per job specifications based on required skills, experience and knowledge, resulting in higher efficiency at the job site and greater client satisfaction.

Reach out to us today and let us help you build the staff team of your dreams.

Common jobs

General Labor Jobs

General Labor Jobs

Looking for a job in warehousing, manufacturing, maintenance, or general labor? We have a wide range of jobs posted daily to our job board.

  • Janitorial

  • Housekeeping Associate

  • Landscaping Associate

  • Cooks

  • Security Attendant

  • Resident Advisors

  • Various Labor Positions

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Warehouse & Manufacturing Jobs

LG Resources can help you find a light industrial job that matches your skills and experience level. We hire for a wide range of employers.

  • Mixing / Blending

  • Shipping/Receiving 

  • Assembly / Packaging

  • Machine Operator 

  • Forklift/Cherry Picker / EQ Operator 

  • Packaging 

  • Lumper

  • Encapsulator Operator

  • Line Operator

  • Various Positions Available

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Skilled Labor jobs

Skilled Labor Jobs

Your skills and certifications are in demand at LG Resources. We are always hiring welders, CDL truck drivers, HVAC technicians, electricians, and other skilled people for technical and industrial roles.

  • Drivers - CDL Drivers

  • Painters

  • HVAC Technicians

  • Electricians

  • CNC Operator

  • Welders

  • Maintenance Technicians

  • Mechanic Technicians

  • Metal Fabricators

  • Grinders

  • Construction Worker

  • Concrete Worker

  • Various Positions Available

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Professional Jobs

Professional Jobs

Our professional staffing division recruits people for executive, technical, and professional roles all over the country. We can help you find a job that matches your expertise in IT, healthcare, accounting, engineering, or another industry.

  • Executive / Supervisory

  • Engineering 

  • Accounting 

  • Nursing/Healthcare 

  • Lab Technicians 

  • Chemists 

  • Quality Inspectors / Quality Control 

  • Production Manager 

  • IT/Tec Support

  • Various Professional Positions Available

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Clerical Jobs

Administrative/Clerical Jobs

LG Resources can help you find a great office job. We frequently hire for clerical positions.

  • Customer Service

  • Data Entry Clerk - Clerical

  • Marketing Representative

  • Account Specialist

  • Administrative Assistant

  • Receptionist

  • Bookkeeping

  • Various Positions Available 


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Other Jobs

Part Time / Projects

Don’t see the type of job you want listed above? LG Resources hires for many specialized roles in just about every industry. 

Contact us to get a full list of what fits your skills and interests. An LG representative will contact you directly.

  • Weekends Only
  • Project Jobs
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